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New Hampshire lies between Maine on the east and Vermont on the west in northern New England. Its southern boundary, except for the southeast corner that provides New Hampshire's 29 km (18 mi) of Atlantic coastline, borders Massachusetts. New Hampshire's northern tip touches the Canadian province of Quebec. Of New Hampshire's 24,219 sq km (9,351 sq mi), about 85% is covered with woods. The state derives its name from the county of Hampshire, England, where Capt. John Mason, the founder and first proprietor of the colony, was governor of the English city of Portsmouth, for which New Hampshire's only port city is named. Enjoying some of the purist air in the country, New Hampshire combines all of the best features of New England within it’s borders in a landscape both varied and scenic. Enjoy our seacoast, hike and ski on our mountains or enjoy a cruise on one of our lakes. If you are thinking about relocating to our great state, Welcome and Enjoy !!


There is no formal procedure for establishing residency in New Hampshire. All you will need is tangible proof of residency. A drivers license, rental or mortgage payment receipt, telephone bill or vehicle registration will verify residency.


If you are a United State's citizen and a New Hampshire resident over 18 years of age you may register to vote in the state. You may register at your city or town hall as soon as you have established residency.


New Hampshire residents are required to register their cars every year. Before going to the registry you must register your vehicle at your city or town hall. You will be required to document proof of residency, the cars title and your out of state registration. The municipal registration fee is pro-rated according to the make of your vehicle and its age. There is also a Registry of Motor Vehicles fee based on the weight of the vehicle. New Hampshire allows 60 days after establishing residency to transfer vehicle registration. Automobile Insurance is not compulsory within the state.


Within 10 days after registering your vehicle you must have it inspected. Any auto repair shop or gas station displaying an official New Hampshire Inspection Station sign can inspect your vehicle.


To obtain an New Hampshire drivers license you will not be required to take a driving test or a written or oral examination if you have a valid driving license from any state in the United States or Canada. You will be required to obtain a license application at your city or town hall Town Clerks office. After completing your drivers license application, mail it to the Registry of Motor Vehicles in Concord, New Hampshire who will then schedule an eye test appointment. After passing the eye test, a 4 year photo license will be issued to you.


New Hampshire has no automobile sales tax, personal property tax, sales and use tax automobile excise tax or alcoholic beverage tax.


The legal age to marry in New Hampshire is 18 years of age and you must have a valid marriage license issued to you by your city or town clerk.


State licenses are required for all individuals over the age of 16. Licenses are issued by state authorized sporting goods stores.


All boats with engines must be registered and display a proper registration decal on the stern. Registration also applies to sailboats and windsurfers over 12 feet long, Registrations are obtained from authorized marine dealers, or the New Hampshire Department of Safety. Registration fees varied in relation to size of craft.


All snowmobiles and motorized trail bikes unless used solely on the users land must be registered at an authorized Off-Highway Vehicles agency. Contact the Bureau of Off-Highway Vehicles in Concord, New Hampshire.


The legal drinking age in New Hampshirre is 21 years of age. Proper identification is required. New Hampshire has very stringent drinking and driving laws. Please ! never consider driving an automobile after drinking.


Interstate 95 connects New Hampshire with Massachusetts and Maine. The major highway, interstate 93 runs North to South connecting the state with Massachusetts and Northern Vermont. Intestate 89 provides convenient access from the capital city of Concord, and Route 3 which is a toll road runs North to South.


Manchester Airport provides major airline service. Commuter airlines are serviced by airports in Concord, Keene, Laconia, Lebanon and Nashua.


New Hampshire boasts some of the finest educational facilities and school systems in the Nation. Primary and secondary schools are under the control of the cities and towns, and regional school districts operate many of the public high schools. The state requires school attendance for children between the ages of 6 to 16 and according to state regulation, a child must be enrolled in school if he/she is 6 years old, prior to September 30th. of any year. There are 7 state supported vocational technical schools and 24 institutions of higher learning both public and private. The state institutions include a university and two four-year state colleges. To be eligible for the resident tuition rate, the applicant must prove residency and 12 months domicile in the state prior to the date of enrolling in the state college or university.

In keeping with the New England tradition, New Hampshire maintains high quality educational programs both public and private. New Hampshire is recognized at the private prep school level with such fine institutions as Phillips Exeter Academy, St. Paul’s Holderness in Tilton, New Hampshire and Kimball Union Academy. Dartmouth, The University of New Hampshire and its state college branches at Keene, Plymouth and Manchester are among several higher educational facilities. New Hampshire students S.A.T. scores are among the highest in the country and a very strong percentage of students go on to higher education.


Unlike Maine and Vermont whose economies have been centered around agriculture and lumbering, New Hampshire’s economy is based primarily on Manufacturing, High Technology and Tourism. For years New Hampshire was a leading textile producer and at one time the Amoskeag Mills in Manchester was the largest cotton mill in the world. New Hampshire boasts such high technology giants as Digital Equipment, Oracle Corporation, GTE Sylvania, W.R. Grace, General Electric and Sprague Engineering. New Hampshire is also a leader in the Health Maintenance Industry represented by such companies as Oxford Health Plans in Nashua and Healthsource located in Concord. The Anheuser Busch facility is located in Merrimack, New Hampshire. In the past few years significant growth has also been realized in machinery, printing and publishing.


New Hampshire's blend of mountains, lakes, rivers and forests attracts thousands of visitors every year. Cruise Lake Winnipesaukee aboard the "Mount Washington" Take a ride on the "Cog Railway" Hike the White Mountains, Ski our hundreds of slopes, take up cross country skiing or snowmobiling. You can dine Seaside in one of our fine Seacoast restaurants or visit the historic Monadnock Region for a taste of life as it has evolved over hundreds of years. Concord, Nashua and Manchester are the three major cities in the Merrimack Valley, and packed with things to do. And, the Dartmouth, Lake Sunapee region affords an area of rich character and contrast with Mount Sunapee and Lake Sunapee so beloved for the beauty and recreation they afford.

Tourism generates in excess of $1.4 Billion dollars in income annually and is the States second largest industry. Interstate highways make New Hampshire readily accessible to over 60 million people less than a days drive to some of the finest lifestyle and recreational opportunities in the Nation. It's no wonder that New Hampshire has become the fastest growing state in New England.

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