Seven Crows
Charcoal by R. Devellian          


D. C. Bianchino is a poet from the White Mountains of New Hampshire. He is a visionary as well as an inventor. Some of his visions are threaded throughout this work, "Seven Crows," the title of which also came from a vision.

One of his inventions is a pipe that lights from the bottom, currently being manufactured by native Wendats in northern Canada. They have given him a position of honor with Black Elk, who gave us an account of the sacred pipe, and Guy Siwii, who kept the pipe tradition alive in the East. The Wendat see this pipe as a chance for reconnection as it is symbolic of a new direction that conveys a message that it is not too late to turn ourselves around.

Desire, is a feeling no less true,
than this love that I can feel when
next to you. And if you're feeling
what I'm feeling too, then what
we're feeling must be love, the
kind so rare it's held above,
because it does what no other
love around can do.
It doesn't try,
and it doesn't have to look, when
someone passes by.
It doesn't lie,
pretending that it has the wings to
It doesn't cry
because it's missing something
still inside.
It doesn't die,
because, it's held above;
for you and I.

I fell in love

with the moon

as it took my heart

when with my eyes

I saw it full

as it came to rise,

I fell in love.

Book I
A Wish For You
Book II
In Fields Alive
Book III
Happy Rain
Book IV
Cool Nights
Book V
Just Blues
Book VI
The Spin
Book VII
It's Our Song

Seven Crows

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