To The

by D.C. Bianchino

This Valley with its splendid views,
Where mountains touch, as clouds they do.
Spirits that will wake in you, feelings deep
Inside, the true.
Our stars will bend
Your knees at night,
When grateful eyes
In them delight,
To send your thoughts
Through endless flight,
While searching for
That inner light.
Washington our highest peak,
Seduces many who must seek,
Their destinies, while Souls it keeps
To welcome others who dare the steep.
Our folks you'll find, you won't impress,
No matter what you wear for dress,
For here the ego comes to rest,
Inside the Valley's natural nest.
Our seasons are beyond compare,
For change they do, as eyes that stare,
And this is what we seem to share,
The folks who come to settle here.
The pace is what you make of it,
A place for everyone to fit,
To face whatever seems to sit,
Which is today the rarest gift.
This Valley is a special place,
You see it in each local's face,
(At least I found this more the case)
That welcomes you to share its grace.

D.C. Bianchino's latest book of inspirational poetry and his upside down pipe

Copyright © 1996 D. C. Bianchino. All rights reserved.
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