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Shame on mom-shamers. Experienced their wrath?Share your story.

Unfortunately it’s just a fact of life that if you put yourself out there haters will feel the need to shoot you down and you really can’t get more out there then social media. Yes, I get mom shamed by strangers for things like, what we feed the kids to how we parent. It just comes with the territory, if it is bad enough you block them and move on.

If any line of work needs inspo, it's motherhood. What type of mothers inspire you?

Wow, this is a tough one because most mom’s inspire me in one way or another. When it comes to social media, I guess if it was really obvious that you were fame hungry that would be a turn off, but for me that has been very rare. All “influencer” moms, in my experience, have been extremely supporting. We collaborate, we share parenting advice, we give honest feedback, and we invite each other to events.

Sometimes we're all BAD MUTHAs (as we should be). When did you go against traditional advice?

Traditional advice is beneficial to give us perspective but it will rarely lead to progress, how could it, it’s based on the past and no one knows what the future will bring. Obviously me starting my blog and socials was breaking away from tradition both historic, with women staying home to raise the children while the husband pursues his career, but also current tradition with women having to make the difficult choice of pursuing a career often at the cost of being physically present at home. This has really been the perfect blend of being present with our kids while also getting to scratch my creative and entrepreneurial itch. Who knows how long this will last, but we are having a blast with each new family experience.

"We should be cherishing our differences, just like we do in our children, vs highlighting them as negatives."

Better worlds start with better moms. How can the motherhood community improve?

Mom’s are leading the charge in helping to drive progress raising the next generation. That is where we are supposed to be, so I don’t really have anything meaningful for the Mom community specifically but more generally we all should focus on love and support first. We should be cherishing our differences, just like we do in our children, vs highlighting them as negatives. Let's all try to listen more, be more compassionate and be open to respectful discussion.

How do you like to MUTHA yourself and ensure you still have some 'me' time?

Call me old fashioned but my release is a good old fashion sale. I don’t know what it is but the thrill of finding the perfect outfit at a bargain price is my release, also girls nights out with wine! Some weeks are easier than others, but Chase, my husband, and I make a point to support each other's alone time. Sometimes that is just a solo trip to the grocery store for an hour or a long weekend with friends. I am lucky to have such a fantastic support group with family and friends.

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