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  • Where is MUTHA made?


    Our founder Hope made the conscious decision to design and manufacture her first MUTHA products in the USA. Her fierce commitment to this practice is still alive today.

  • Can I use your products if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?


    100% of MUTHA ingredients come from MUTHA nature. We only use the highest quality, naturally derived elements, which we encourage anyone who is pregnant or nursing to share with their primary healthcare provider for continued use direction.

  • Does MUTHA Butter melt?


    It’s MUTHA nature. Pure, nonsynthetic ingredients can soften or melt during transport and then resolidify in room temperatures. Like most things in MUTHAHOOD, all it needs to be its best is a little time to cool off.

  • When do MUTHA products expire?


    After opening, you’ve got half a year to MUTHA yourself with any MUTHA product that’s stored properly. Reminder: That means out of direct heat and sealed when not in use. If you do this, you’re set. The integrity, quality and performance of each product will not be compromised, whether or not the pure ingredients naturally lighten, darken, sour or sweeten. Here’s what you won’t find: aggressive synthetic preservatives. MUTHA f*ing ever.


  • Are your products gluten free?


    Yes. We’re serious about caring for MUTHAs in the boldest and most considered ways - including more of what makes you feel your most free.

  • Are your products vegan?


    Everything except our MUTHA Butter, which contains beeswax and is technically “beegan.” Otherwise, we operate free of any animal-sourced ingredients or byproducts in an effort to care for you and the MUTHA lands we inhabit.

  • Does MUTHA test on animals?


    NO way. MUTHA taught us better than that.

  • What ingredients and practices does MUTHA™ refuse?


    We refuse to test on animals and so do  our vendors. Believe us when we say we’re firm on this one.

    We refuse to use animal-derived ingredients, with the above-mentioned exception of beeswax and/or honey.

    We refuse to use artificial preservatives, colors/fragrances, silicones, petroleum compounds, parabens, formaldehyde, phthalates, microbeads, triclosan, BHT, BHA, aluminum chlorohydrate, and many of the hundreds of ingredients commonly prohibited in conventional beauty products.

  • What does organic mean to MUTHA™?


    MUTHA only labels product organic when its been vendor certified to meet this designation. Sometimes it’s just that simple.

  • Does MUTHA™ use nuts in its products?


    There are oils from tree nuts in MUTHA products. This includes Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, and Coconut Oil. To MUTHA yourself best, we encourage MUTHAs who have nut allergies to consult a doctor/allergist prior to use.

Shipping Policies

  • Do you offer complimentary standard shipping?


    Oh yes — anywhere in the continental United States. Plan for your MUTHA package to arrive 7-12 business days after placing an order. Alaska and Hawaii shipments require a a $35 flat-rate shipping fee.

  • Do you ship orders outside of the US?


    Not at this time. Know this: We’re working to care for MUTHAs all over the world, so check back for updates.

Auto-replenishment Subscriptions

  • How does an Auto-Replenishing Subscription work?


    MUTHAs notoriously place themselves at the bottom of their lists. We created Auto-Replenishment Subscriptions to rail against this notion. This way, you’ll never run out of the MUTHA essentials you select upfront. Cancel anytime. Change the timing, frequency or product choice in your account at least 24 hours before a shipment. Bonus: MUTHAs who subscribe enjoy 15% off to put toward a little more self-care.


  • What is your return policy?


    We honor full refunds for products ordered on and returned within 30 days of delivery. No nonsense. No BS. Just the way MUTHAs like it. Please check our RETURNS, REFUND POLICY for more details.

  • What if something is missing or damaged in my order?


    MUTHA’s on it. Call us at 1-833-MUTHA-ME (Monday to Friday from 8AM-7PM CST.

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