Hope Dworaczyk Smith

Founder & CEO, MUTHA

Hope Dworaczyk Smith is the illustrious Founder and CEO of luxury skincare brand MUTHA. Aside from being an innovator in the beauty industry and an entrepreneur, Hope is a respected philanthropist, esthetician, former model, and author. She is also the proud mother of four beautiful children and the wife of American businessman and Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Vista Equity Partners, Robert F. Smith

From Kitchen Experiment to Must-Have Product: How Hope Smith Created MUTHA

Creating MUTHA™ and its line of products has been a labor of love in every sense of the word. When first-time mother Hope Smith was pregnant in 2015, she looked for anything, especially natural and plant-based products, that would help with her impending stretch marks. Nothing on the market, whether it be a drug store or high-end product, fit the bill. She knew she would have to create something herself. 
After researching ingredients, Hope turned her kitchen into an experimental laboratory, committed to creating a product that would be beneficial to the skin.

From that kitchen, the first body butter for MUTHA™ was born. Friends took notice, asking for more and more samples. They could not get enough. To keep up with demand, she moved into a lab where she continued to tweak the formula.

She did so for two years until she felt comfortable replacing every body oil and cream on her vanity with her new products. 

In no time, that kitchen project turned into a luxury skincare brand MUTHA™. All in all, over 400+ formulas were tested to perfect the MUTHA™ Body Butter. The brand launched in the fall of 2019 with two products: MUTHA™ Body Butter and MUTHA™ Body Oil. While MUTHA™ has launched several other products since then, Hope’s philosophy for her products has remained the same:

"When I make a product, I want all of the expensive, best-for-you things up top. I don’t want to put water first or anything that’s not actually great for the skin."

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About Hope Smith

Entrepreneur Hope Smith is not simply conquering the luxury skincare industry with her ingenious MUTHA products. As a former international model from Port Lavaca, Texas, Hope has a passion for photography, high-end fashion, and art. She also had a career in television, first as a host and producer on Inside Fashion (Canada) and later as a contestant on “Celebrity Apprentice.” She is also a certified doula, licensed esthetician, and budding author of the book “Your Body Is Magic,” which tackles just about every aspect of the pregnancy journey. 

As a mother of four children, Hope is also active with organizations that help the most vulnerable, such as disadvantaged women and children.

Some of these organizations include Together We Rise, The Conscious Kid, Unlikely Heroes, and International Medical Corps. MUTHA also makes donations to some of these nonprofits, with 5% of the company’s total proceeds going to the International Medical Corps and 100% of the proceeds from MUTHA F* Racism Candle going to The Conscious Kid.

In recognition of Hope’s business and philanthropic endeavors, Hope was listed among WWD Beauty's Emerging Brand Founders and Forbes Inspiring Female Founders in the Beauty Industry. Hope and her husband, Robert F. Smith, were also honored with the International Medical Corps’s Humanitarian Award.

Learn more about Hope by connecting with her on Twitter or subscribing to Hope’s YouTube channel.

Hope Smith:
The Original

Hope Smith once said, “Be a BAD MUTHA. Know one. Raise one. Be one. Support one.” And, that’s exactly what she is doing. Through the BAD MUTHA campaign, she is empowering women to love their children in their own, beautiful way and be unapologetic about it. Learn more about what makes Hope a BAD MUTHA and her journey through motherhood. 

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