When did you launch your business? What is the message behind your brand?

I launched Lawless in October of 2017, out of my own personal need for clean, toxin-free makeup with beautiful ingredients that actually performs like the conventional makeup I was used to using. I am so passionate about health and wellness, and I had switched over to clean skincare after reading a lot about the harmful ingredients in a lot of personal care and beauty products on the market. When I realized that a lot of the ingredients I decided to cut out of my skincare routine were also in my makeup, I felt there was a disconnect. Why would I go out of my way to avoid these ingredients in my serums and moisturizers, then put all of those ingredients back on my skin 5 minutes later with my makeup? In an effort to change this, I purchased and tried many clean makeup products from many different brands, and I was very underwhelmed. As a makeup lover, I found that a lot of clean formulas on the market didn’t have the same coverage, performance, quality, wear time, finish, and luxurious packaging that I was looking for. It seemed that in order to wear clean makeup, I had to sacrifice on the artistry level I was used to using. I also felt very left out of the clean world of makeup because it was geared towards the 5-minute face, “no-makeup makeup” aesthetic, and I am someone who loves glam, who loves color, and embraces a full face of makeup most days. I knew there had to so many other people who felt the same way, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and create Lawless to fill the void for high performance, full coverage, beautifully packaged clean makeup.

What were defining moments in your career that taught you the biggest lessons?

The biggest defining moment was when I left my first company to start something new completely on my own terms. In my first business, as we brought on partners and investors, the brand began to evolve and change from what it was in the beginning. The growth was incredible and I am so grateful for that time and experience in my life, but I became less passionate about the direction and energy of the brand. I realized a very critical element to my overall well being and happiness is to be passionate about and love what I am doing everyday, and live in alignment with my innate purpose. No matter how successful you are, it means nothing if you aren’t excited about your life. When I lost that feeling, I decided to take a risk and start Lawless. While it was scary to change direction and try something new, it was the best decision I ever made. I gained so much confidence from trusting myself and tapping into my internal gut feeling that bigger things were in store for me.

We all need a champion. Who in your life has consistently supported you?

My husband! He has believed in me from day one, and never doubts me, even when I doubt myself. He believes in my potential and that no dream is too big. He picks me up when I fall and reminds me of my talents, value, and worth every single day. Sometimes we all just need someone to help us see ourselves the way others do, because we are our own worst critics and often are much harder on ourselves than we are on others. He pushes me to do more and be more and motivates me to be the best I can be.


Fast forward. What insight can you give to aspiring women in their careers who want to be a leader in their space?

Never forget why you started. That is your magic and what inspired you to do something different and blaze a new trail. This is also what people will connect with and feel when they experience your brand. Always come back to your true North and the passion inside that drove you to where you are now and why you are pushing every single day to be a leader in your chosen space.

What is your secret to managing motherhood, career and relationships?

I think this elusive idea of a perfect balance doesn’t actually exist and is a lot of pressure! Balance is what you create for yourself and looks different for everyone based on your circumstances and lifestyle. For me, balance is feeling fulfilled in all areas of my life – my relationships, my career, my role as a mother and wife, and my relationship with myself. It doesn’t mean being perfect or getting everything on my to-do list done. It really is about feeling content, whole, and complete with what I am putting into the different roles I have created for myself. It is about taking care of myself first and foremost so I can show up as my best self and do all of the things in my life and that make me happy. When I do that, I feel like I have it all.

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