Shame on mom-shamers. Experienced their wrath? Share your story.

Oh my goddess yes of course so many times. One I remember clearly is that when we found out my son had dyslexia. While most moms were super supportive, others questioned why we waiting till the following year to switch his school. Truth is, its not that easy switching schools or even getting into a specialized school. It takes months of applying and touring.

If any line of work needs inspo, it's motherhood. What type of mothers inspire you?

I think all moms are inspiring. Whether they work or stay home or do a little of both. Mothering is incredibly demanding and I praise all women from all walks of life who get up every morning to be present and loving in all the ways they know how.

Sometimes we're all BAD MUTHAs (as we should be). When did you go against traditional advice?

I actually went against advice almost immediately. I was lucky enough to have my mom in my ear telling me to not compare my baby to others and do what works for me. I was concerned my son wasn’t hitting his milestones, and while my pediatrician told me everything was fine, I decided to seek a second opinion and turned out he wound up having low muscle tone and needed early intervention. Happy to have listened to my motherly instincts and with that early help, he is totally fine now!

"I truly believe there is room for us all and all the different ways we parent."

Better worlds start with better moms. How can the motherhood community improve?

I truly believe there is room for us all and all the different ways we parent. Remembering that we are all doing our best and have the best of intentions for our growing families allows us all to empower each other in those journeys. Understanding, kindness, and support goes a long way during those hard mothering days. I believe it takes a village and I’m so thankful for mine. As of lately, I live for my group texts I have on-going with my friends. They are truly getting me through these tough times.

How do you like to MUTHA yourself and ensure you still have some 'me' time?

With three kids on totally different schedules, it can be difficult to find “me” time. I do try to schedule an occasional dinner with a friend to discover a new delicious restaurant. I also love getting a massage when I can. In the hustle and bustle of NYC, a relaxing 15 minute massage goes a long way! I do think it’s super important to carve out a little bit of time for yourself daily. Whether you take a 20 min yoga class or something as simple as taking a bath, try to schedule these breaks into your schedule daily.

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