Lainy Hedaya

Creative Consultant


Shame on mom-shamers. Experienced their wrath? Share your story.

It's funny, because I think before you even experience pregnancy, you're so numb to moms shaming each other. Because it's not your experience, you just think one is right and one is wrong and may as well just stay out of it - When there is no right or wrong answer. Until you get pregnant and have a kid, and then everyone's opinion, which by the way differ from person to person, have to be imposed on you. And sometimes it's not someone hiding behind a screen, it could be a friend or family member which can be even harder. I think I cared more when I was pregnant, but once I had Louis I just stopped giving a shit and decided what's best for us is what's best for us. My family comes first, not other people's opinions.

If any line of work needs inspo, it's motherhood. What type of mothers inspire you?

I think moms who can value themselves as much as they value their kids, and don't think they have to choose. If you're a happy mom, your kids see it. It's so important to work on yourself as much as you work on your kids. If you're constantly frantic, always judging people, and trying to be perfect, it affects your kids. They pick up on more than you know. All you need is love, patience, and some structure in your home. Those mothers inspire me.

Sometimes we're all BAD MUTHAs (as we should be). When did you go against traditional advice?

I don't know what I do that's not traditional? Because what is traditional in parenting? Breastfeeding? Stay at home? I don't know. Is that really realistic for every single mother when all of our lives are already so vastly different?

"If you're a happy mom, your kids see it. It's so important to work on yourself as much as you work on your kids."

Better worlds start with better moms. How can the motherhood community improve?

Support! Especially emotional support for women who are postpartum. There is not enough support for new moms. No one really asked me how I was doing, other than a few friends who were also in the category of new moms.

How do you like to MUTHA yourself and ensure you still have some 'me' time?

Sometimes a mama needs a second to herself to lather on some butter and feel silky smoothe... you know, for the sake of sanity.

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