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Sometimes we're all BAD MUTHAs (as we should be). When did you go against traditional advice that propelled you forward?

When haven’t I?! Someone always has something to say or advice to give about what you should or shouldn’t be doing. Monroe was born at 26 weeks so nothing about my birth was traditional we had to adjust everything and do it at a completely different pace. Looking back now that Monroe is almost seven I think to myself wow if I can get through that my baby being born at 26 weeks I can get through anything. I am f*ing strong!

We all need a champion. Who in your life has consistently supported you?

My friends Ceara Mc Auliffe and Alexandra Pakzad who I’ve known for over a decade who have been through it all with me. Without judgment who have accepted all the different phases I have gone thru throughout my life. From wild 20’s to motherhood. And now I’ve created a community of friends that are mothers that have held my hand since Monroe was born.

Reverse that. Who in your life do you support without judgement?

As I’ve gotten older my circle has gotten smaller which I am totally okay with. My circle now are all my best friends and women I support unconditionally without judgement. Just Love.

"This is where you’re at right now and this is exactly where you’re supposed to be. Go easy, be gentle, you’re safe and taken care of."

Rewind. What is the best advice you’ve received throughout your life?

I don’t know if it’s one particular thing or phrase that someone has said to me, but it’s always been go easy on yourself. I tend to be my worst critic and can really beat myself up. Really just accepting this is where you’re at right now and this is exactly where you’re supposed to be. So go easy, be gentle, you’re safe and taken care of.

How do you like to MUTHA yourself and ensure you still have some 'me' time?

I feel pretty lucky in this part of my life. I’m lucky in that my daughter's father and I have a fantastic co-parenting relationship. Pretty much split down the middle. So I do get days off and on those days I usually go for a hike, treat myself to lots of baths and face masks and lunch or dinner with friends. Right now I’m currently redecorating my place so having lots of fun buying new vintage decor for our place.

What is your secret to managing motherhood, career and relationships?

Is there a secret I don’t know about?! If so please share! To be honest some days are better than others and totally manageable. I haven’t figured it out yet but I’ve gotten pretty good at just going with the flow.

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