Copy of About Us

Our bodies —

what they
can do.
they bring
the next
to life.
get louder
when told
there’s no air
for them in
the room.

our bodies
carry the
weight of
the world,
yet we
to find
the time
and space
to give them
what that
they deserve.

that’s why
we’re HERE —
to take the
reins. put
your body on
a pedestal
and care
for you, as
you do your

WE nourish
you with
shrink your
nally love
what makes
you a brave,

we mutha
you, as your
own mother

— Sincerely — Founder and CEO Hope Smith and the MUTHA™ Team

MUTHA on a Mission

We’re on a mission to nurture you.

Here’s why—when you feel your best, you unapologetically radiate that power and love to those around you—especially to your children, whether they’re little or not so little. This insight is what inspired our founder Hope to take care of herself and her then-pregnant body by making her own stretch mark salve. Other mothers quickly took notice of her self-caring impulse and beautiful creations and for good reason. Hope wasn’t all talk. She took action and created something that represented her highest belief.

To be your best as a mother, you have to take care of yourself first.

Feeling confident and strong in your own body helps you grow and feel centered enough to care for another life. So when Hope couldn’t find a quality product to help prevent stretch marks, she started experimenting at home and crafting what is now MUTHA™ Body Butter. She turned a personal obsession into a product that simply works, is beloved by herself, her friends (and, hopefully, by you, too) and supports global nonprofits that aid in maternal health.

Because MUTHA™ supports mothers.

Always one to act, Hope decisively chose to direct 5% of sales* from MUTHA™ to midwife and nurse education programs where maternal mortality rates are the highest. Her partner in this mission is the global humanitarian nonprofit organization International Medical Corps, who she had long championed personally. Leveraging MUTHA’s financial gifts, the IMC aids a host of critical needs from enrolling health workers in obstetric and newborn care certifications in the Central African Republic to programs in South Sudan.

By supporting MUTHA™, you won’t just be taking care of yourself—you’ll be taking care of women from Africa to Asia to ensure they can deliver their children safely. Together, we can boldly MUTHA™ the world into a better, more beautiful place.


*Exclusive to full priced products. Online only.