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Our unique bio-fermented blend helps to naturally offset modern lifestyle agressors by optimizing the delivery and benefits of clinically proven actives, including a Hyaluronic Acid Complex, Rice Peptide Delivery System and Rice Kefiran.


The fermentation process allows active ingredients to be more easily absorbed for enhanced results. (Think probiotics and how they aid digestion.)

More powerful

Protects, hydrates
and repairs

Encourages skin’s own internal repair mechanism

Absorbs easily

Promotes long-term
skin health

MUTHALOAD™ shines by hoping to improve the skin’s barrier. That’s a big deal. Why? If the skin’s fundamental capabilities are compromised, then active nutrients can’t be absorbed as well.

Healthy Skin Barrier vs. Unhealthy Skin Barrier.

Healthy Skin Barrier

Healthy Skin Barrier

A healthy skin barrier will keep moisture locked in, hydrated and protected against outside aggressors.

Unhealthy Skin Barrier

Unhealthy Skin Barrier

An unhealthy skin barrier can lead skin to be dehydrated and vulnerable to outside aggressors.


  • Is MUTHALOAD™ Core Technology included in all your products?


    It is included in all of our Face Care, except MUTHA Face Oil as MUTHALOAD™ is a water-soluble blend. Including MUTHALOAD™ Core Technology in all of our Face Care products makes the collection work as a system with cumulative benefits. Our interconnected regimen constantly promotes essential skin health benefits through hydration, protection and repair.

  • Are there ingredients that I shouldn’t use with MUTHALOAD™ Core Technology? 


    The MUTHALOAD™ is formulated with effective yet gentle ingredients that layer and play well with other actives such as Vitamin C, Retinoid, etc. 

  • What’s the best way to see results?


    Time and consistency are key. Regularly applying our proprietary formulas as the skin goes through its natural turnover cycle (the time skin takes to repair and reboot itself) will yield the best results.

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