When did you launch your business? What is the message behind your brand?

Depends on what business we’re discussing, I’m currently wearing many hats. I launched Lo Hi Goods, my jewelry project, in the summer of 2019. That happened almost by accident. I was in Idaho for the summer with a lot of free time and just wanted a project, so I ordered a bunch of brightly colored beads and started to play around. While there, the horrible mass shooting took place at the El Paso Walmart, where upwards of 20 people were killed and, unfortunately this was hardly an isolated incident. There were, I believe, 41 mass shootings in 2019 and mental health was a huge talking point. There is a massive stigma around it in this country, people are embarrassed, feel defective, ashamed, etc. I decided to make a small amount of bracelets with “anxiety”, “depression”, “ocd”, etc on them to help de-stigmatize mental health. People loved it and were eager to own their mental health. I think it’s a bit cathartic to own what you feel like has been owning you…

What were defining moments in your career that taught you the biggest lessons?

Every time I have failed or been rejected. I modeled on and off full time since I was 17. In that industry you’re told “no” far more than “yes”. You have to develop a thick skin and truly learn to not take things personally.

Sometimes we're all BAD MUTHAs (as we should be). When did you go against traditional advice that propelled you forward?

When I was 29 I decided to put up or shut up with my modeling career. I had been one foot out the door for too long but I felt like I hadn’t accomplished what I needed to, or what I knew I could yet. I was WAY too old according to traditional standards, specifically in an industry that favors a, dare I say, “barely legal” demographic. I signed with a major agency where I experienced the success I knew I had reserved for me and worked myself to the bone until I had enough. No regrets.

"Get gritty. Don’t let 100 “no’s” stand in your way, all you need is the right YES."

We all need a champion. Who in your life has consistently supported you?

My family & my husband. Full stop.

Reverse that. Who in your life do you support without judgement?

I don’t have one single person in my life who I don’t completely support.

Rewind. What is the best advice you’ve received throughout your life?

Cliche, but to be myself. Stick up for myself and speak my mind.

Fast forward. What insight can you give to aspiring women in their careers who want to be a leader in their space?

Get gritty. Don’t let 100 “no’s” stand in your way, all you need is the right YES.

How do you like to MUTHA yourself and ensure you still have some 'me' time?

I have a new baby during a global pandemic…I don’t really get much “me” time. When I do I love to take baths and drink wine, preferably at the same time.

What is your secret to managing motherhood, career and relationships?

Embrace the chaos. Lean into it.

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