MUTHA™ Aphrodisiac Massage Candle


MUTHA™ Aphrodisiac Massage Candle

180g / 6.3 oz

Indulge and warm up the skin.

Chocolate scented massage candle with skin-softening coconut and soybean oils helps calm, nourish and hydrate skin while notes of cocoa flower, warm milk, sandalwood, and musk soothe the senses. Crafted in France, the world's perfume capital, this massage candle is made with natural wax and a hand-applied cotton wick. The melted wax and oil blend will give your skin a luxurious, skin-warming experience for the ultimate sensual massage.

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MUTHA™ Aphrodisiac Massage Candle




Fragrance crafted in Grasse, France, the world's perfume capital.


Light the wick, wait for the wax to melt (10-15 minutes), then extinguish the candle. Pour the melted oil directly onto the skin, or apply with your fingertips and massage it in. The light oil will moisturize your skin and fill the room with the scent of cocoa flower.

  • Can be applied alone or together with MUTHA Body Butter and/or Body Oil.
  • Set the mood by lighting the massage candle while taking a bath/shower and massage in the melted oil afterwards.

Our products bare it all (Ingredients)

* **Wax:** 100% natural, comprised of a blend of soybean oil, coconut oil, and beeswax.
* **Wick:** The cotton is 100% natural and applied by hand in an artisanal fashion.
* **Fragrance:** Head notes: Cocoa Flowers; Middle notes: Warm Milk, Sandalwood; Bottom notes: White Musk

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